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Unlimited Colors

Service Finder Theme come up with option to change the color scheme. Admin can change the color scheme of each element of header part, footer part and content part. Admin can change the primary and secondary color of each button. Following are the options you will find in theme:

  • Navigation Text Color
  • Navigation Text Hover Color
  • Navigation Dropdown BG
  • Navigation Dropdown Text Color
  • Navigation Dropdown Text Hover
  • Overall Color Scheme
  • Button Primary Background Color
  • Button Primary Border Color
  • Button Primary Color
  • Button Primary Hover Background Color
  • Button Primary Hover Border Color
  • Button Primary Hover Color
  • Button Secondary Background Color
  • Button Secondary Border Color
  • Button Secondary Color
  • Button Secondary Hover Background Color
  • Button Secondary Hover Border Color
  • Button Secondary Hover Color
  • Bottom Footer BG Color
  • Bottom Footer Text Color


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