Change Log (Version 3.4 released on 8 March 2020)

Files Included with updated version 3.4

We have included two theme options demo content files:
1. For theme style 2 (redux-style-2.json)
2. For theme style 3 (redux-style-3.json)

Two sliders included
1.For Version 3.4 (
2. For Version 3.3 (

Demo Content File included (demo-content.xml)

1. Improved: We have integrated Nextend Social Login Plugin as one of the option for Social Login feature. To make it work you need to install it and activate, also make sure you create a page using the short code [nextend_social_login_register_flow] and choose this page from Nextend Social Login Settings as shown in the screenshot below.

2. New:This plugin gives your users an option to login or signup using mobile number with OTP (One Time Passcode). So no need to remember password for website ever. Simple! Isn’t it.

3. Improved: New Look of home page and provider public profile page and search result grid & list view box. Admin needs to enable Style 3 from theme options -> General Settings -> Theme Layout to apply the new look.

Please check the latest demo here

4. New: We have added new option where customer can see the recommended providers list just after job submission according to the job category, so it will be easier for the customer to find the providers suitable for the job. To make this work you need to create a page with short code [service_finder_job_applicants]

5. New: We have given option to crop the profile picture by the provider himself. That's pretty good feature to use so provider will be able to adjust their profile picture as per their desire.

6. Improved: We have improved the UI of the messaging system. We have also given option to send and receive documents.

7. New: We have added PayPal Mass Payout API for payout option. So providers can add their PayPal email in their my account and admin can pay the provider's booking fee to provider via PayPal from admin. Admin must have enough balance in his PayPal account to make the successfully payout.

8. New: We have given instant messaging option for quotation so customer and provider can send & receive messages from the Quotation section. To make this work properly you need to create a page with this short code [service_finder_quotation_replies]

9. New: We have included translated po and mo files in Arabic language so our buyers do not need to do the Arabic Translation.

10. Fixed: We have fixed all the previous issues from version 3.3.

11. New: Buffer time option given in the Business Hours section of provider my account so provider can add padding time before next booking.

12. Improved: We have improved the Service Finder dashboard UI.

13. New: A new capability called "Contact Details" added under package so if this capability is enabled under the package then provider contact details will be visible on his/her public profile page.

14. Improved: Cities are now taxonomies. So individual city page can be added on the site in the menu. And you can convert existing cities into taxonomies by clicking "Create Cities" button as shown in the screenshot below, you will find this option under Service Finder -> Important things for existing buyers

15. New: Default Package Option given in the theme options so admin can set any one package as default if admin do not want to show package drop down field in the signup form.

16. New: If admin wants to charge only admin fee during booking payment then a new option is given in the theme options as shown in the screenshot below.

17. New: Manage short codes from the theme options. We have given option to manage all the short codes content on home page from the theme options rather than editing these short codes content via text editor. So it will provide ease to admin to manage the content. To make this effective for existing buyers they need to switch on the option shown in the screenshot below.